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In the middle of the ranch was a run-down pole barn with a ranch hand room. When we cleaned out the stalls, took down the walls and viewed the pasture pond and spectacular sunsets, we knew we had something special.  With support of family and friends, we decided to convert the pole barn into a venue so we could share this serene scenic place for weddings and gatherings with family and friends. We love for people to come to visit and want to stay a while... 

Cattle Poll Barn
Circle of Seven Ranch Wedding Venue

I fell in love with this place the first time I saw it.

I want people to enjoy this place like I do.

The sunsets are spectacular.

David Buesking



Inside and Out. 

I want people to come to our Ranch and enjoy the natural beauty here, 

the creek, the wildflowers, and the longhorns. And there's so many different birds to spy!

Come for a visit and enjoy the

peacefulness here.  

Vivian Buesking


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